Congratulations on your purchase of the Solo Scientific Aurora Fire Starter (Patent Pending.). The Aurora Fire Starter is manufactured by
Solo Scientific and  will function in any environment that will support life. The Aurora Fire Starter is made from corrosion resistant high
strength materials, and will be your faithful fire starter for many years.

Using Your Aurora Fire Starter
To use your Aurora Fire Starter unscrew the larger of the two sections that make up the Aurora Fire Starter. Doing this will reveal the fire
starting rod enclosed. Hold the smaller section of the Aurora Fire Starter in one hand with your index finger underneath the fire starting rod
for support (figure 1).  Grasp  the larger section of the Aurora Fire Starter with your other hand placing your  thumb opposite the striking
blade notch about 1/4" (.635 cm) from the top of the unit as shown in figure 2. Next position the striking blade mounted on the top of the  
larger section of the Aurora Fire Starter against the fire starting rod so that the fire starting rod rests inside the 45 degree angled notch as
shown in figure 2.  While holding the smaller section of the Aurora Fire Starter  firmly in one hand (with your index finger underneath the fire
starting rod for support) scrape the fire starting rod with the
TOP CORNER EDGE of the striking blade (THIS IS VERY
in a  smooth manner while pressing  the top corner edge of the blade firmly against the rod. Note: For first time
use it may be necessary to scrape off the protective coating on the rod with the striking blade to
prepare the rod
. You will notice that when done properly the Aurora Fire Starter will emit incredibly bright and hot sparks that will burn
and ignite any suitable fire starting material. You may also use a knife or any sharp metal object to strike the fire starting rod. If a knife is
used place the knife at a 90 degree angle relative to the fire starting rod.  We recommend that you  have fun getting to know your Aurora by
igniting the fire starting material included - only a small amount of the included material is needed. Cotton balls, toilet paper, and dryer filter
lint are great fire starting material but any dry fine tinder usually found in the wild such as burdock and, milk weed fluff will work great!
Coating cotton balls with petroleum jelly will both help water proof the cotton ball and will cause them to burn longer. Note: After prolonged
use the striking blade can be flipped over to reveal a fresh striking surface. To do this simply remove the top screw holding the striking
blade in place, flip the blade horizontally, and then re-secure the striking blade with screw - the striking blade may also be sharpened. To
sharpen the blade simply re-flatten the front face of the blade using a flat sharpening stone. An optional  Super Alloy Blade that will never
dull and is so hard that it can only be cut using a diamond blade is available through Solo Scientific and authorized dealers.

          Figure 1.                                                              Figure 2.
Caution: The Aurora Fire Starter is not a toy! Keep the Aurora Fire Starter out of reach of children and do not use or demonstrate the Aurora
Fire Starter indoors or near any combustible material. Doing so could result in injury, structural damage, or death. Solo Scientific is not
responsible for any damages caused by use of the Aurora Fire Starter.

Manufactured by
Solo Scientific
P.O. Box 565
New Hartford, NY 13413            
         Aurora Fire Starter Instruction Sheet